The Kent Costume Trust

Formed in 1983 by four members of the Costume Society of Great Britain, the Kent Costume Trust is for people in Kent who are interested in the subject of costume and textile history.

The objects of the Trust are to advance the education in, and promote the knowledge of all aspects of costume, costume accessories and associated textiles using a range of events including meetings, lectures and exhibitions throughout the county.

The Trust holds a collection and maintains a Loan Index of costume and related objects for exhibition purposes, and can accept gifts of costume and accessories for this when their owners to longer wish to retain them.

Members can obtain advice and assistance on the identification, storage, care and cataloguing. They also have access to the extensive costume research facilities of both the Trust itself and information registered on the Loan Index.

Membership is open to all for an annual subscription due on 1st October.

For information about The Kent Costume Trust or to become a member please email us